Personal home buyer offer letters: A strategy to help you get your dream house -- Read about this #realestate tip at EliseWeatherby.comThe current real estate market in the Lower Mainland is among the busiest we’ve ever seen. If you are trying to buy a home in this market, chances are you’ll face multiple offers and bidding wars.

Perhaps you’ve followed every tip for beating out other buyers in multiple offers. Maybe you’re ready to appeal to sellers with a different strategy: a personal letter.

Buyer Offer Letters

It’s becoming more common to see personal handwritten letters attached to offers. Hopeful homebuyers often include a photo of themselves along with a personal history and points on why they are the most deserving buyers of a home.

Due to the pressure in this market, many agents coach their buyers on writing buyer offer letters to sellers. Some even provide a template to help give their buyers a competitive edge. Unfortunately, the result can come off as insincere.

Some sellers specifically ask that letters or photos not be attached to offers so they can make a judgment-free, guilt-free decision on what direction to take with their sale. Other sellers are very conscious of the emotional aspects of passing on their home to a new owner. They will read and consider each buyer offer letter, photo, and detail presented by the buyers before making a choice.

When faced with multiple offers, it’s important to remember that the process is overwhelming for both buyers and sellers. Sellers only have one home to sell. Many home buyers have found success with personal buyer offer letters. Still, there are no guarantees a seller will accept your offer until it has been signed, sealed, and delivered.

Would you write a personal buyer offer letter to give you an edge when buying a home?

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