If you have been looking to purchase a condo, you’ve probably noticed the terms to describe space are used more than liberally. It seems the smaller the space, the more optimistic the description. You may have seen the terms “junior one bed” or “junior 2 bedrooms” and wondered what they mean.

A junior one bedroom refers to a studio style space that has either a nook for a bed separated from the living space with a half wall, retractable door or curtain system; sometimes these junior bedrooms will have a window that opens into the living space. Generally the junior bedroom does not share a partition wall with the exterior of the building, and therefore has no windows which open to the outside world.

A junior 2 bedroom will most likely (but is not guaranteed to) have a single typical bedroom equipped with a built in closet and window that opens to the exterior of the building. The second bedroom will be the junior style room partitioned by retractable doors, curtains, etc., as mentioned above.

What is important to look for when viewing junior rooms is proper air exchange. If a junior room has no opening windows and the partition is fixed and seal-able, such as a junior bedroom with a traditional latching swing door and four sealed walls, there needs to be a circulatory fan on a timer for air exchange. The fan and controls may be tucked away but it will look like a typical bathroom ventilation system. Or you may simply see a slated or meshed ventilation shaft inserted into the ceiling or wall.

Some very liberal descriptions I’ve seen include a built in hide away bed in the living area as a junior bedroom; that, in my opinion, is optimistically descriptive. More and more we are seeing these types of smaller spaces being presented as a “one/two bedroom suite” or “junior suites” where the option of the “second bedroom” is a built in convertible wall bed in the living area.

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