Looking to buy a place to live in Vancouver? And by Vancouver, I mean its outlying areas and suburbs because they are all equally as busy. New West, Burnaby, the Tri-cities, Richmond, Maple Ridge, and Surrey have all seen unprecedented growth and housing price increases this past year.

You can expect multiple offers, bidding wars, counter offers over and above the asking price, subject free offers, waiving your home inspection clause, and sending a copy of your bank draft for the deposit before you even know if your offer will be accepted.

You can also expect disappointments, compromises, and to be haunted by the ones that got away.

In the past I used to meet with new buyers for a discovery session to learn more about their housing needs and wishes to see how I could be of service. Now it’s more of a soul-searching meeting to see if they are mentally prepared for real estate’s emotional roller coaster ride.

Many buyers describe the buying experience as overwhelming, frustrating, disappointing, and heart breaking—not exactly the warm and fuzzy HGTV episode of House Hunters they may have envisioned.

But those same buyers also say owning has been one of the most gratifying experiences of their lives, being able to stop paying rent and build equity in your own property, or finally move out of their in-laws’ basement has made all the heartbreak of this super fast paced market worth it! Plus the quickly rising prices have helped many new owners bank home equity faster than they ever thought possible.  If you have been thinking about buying a property and need some realistic guidance let’s chat!

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