What is a pie shaped lot?

Pie shaped lots are properties that loosely resemble a slice of pie. The front of these lots is a narrow tip while the back opens up to create a triangle shape. A property with a wide frontage and a narrow back would be a reverse pie shaped lot.

What are irregular lots worth less money?

Irregular lots in urban spaces are more challenging to build on. They also tend to command a lesser value than a standard symmetrical rectangular property. Square lots are often considered irregular as well. Although they’re not as difficult to build on, since homes are usually built at the centre, the lots of little difference between back, front, and side yards.

Most buyers search for traditional lots with larger backyards than front yards. This type of lot will most likely bring the best return on investment compared to irregular lots.

Would you purchase a pie shaped lot? Are you curious about the value of your lot? Let’s chat.

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