The busy real estate market in Greater Vancouver is unprecedented. As a result, buyers are now accustomed to only being permitted to view properties at public open houses and not always having the opportunity to hire a home inspector.

With the frenzied market, hiring the right REALTOR is more important than ever before.

Your designated Buyer’s REALTORS® will:

  • Explain real estate terms, practices, and forms
  • Assist you with screening or viewing properties
  • Prepare and negotiate all offers and counter offers
  • Inform you of lenders and their policies
  • Identify and estimate costs involved in your transaction

The majority of buyers and sellers prefer to each use their own REALTORS®. Your buyer’s representative will help you research the comparable sold properties to determine the market value of a home you are considering. If you are facing competing offers, your REALTORS® can help coach you on the most appealing terms and conditions to add to your presented contract for the best chance of a successful purchase.

Using a buyer’s REALTORS® in a busy market may also give you an advantage if you face multiple offers. The seller will be making a decision on which buyer’s offer to accept, and sellers may feel more comfortable accepting an offer from a buyer who has a designated agent. Many sellers question the authenticity of a buyer who asks to use their agent or is looking to make an offer without a designated agent.

Remember your REALTORS® is your choice – and having a good relationship with a realtor based on trust is always in your best interest!

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