Moody Park

Walk down any of the streets and you’ll notice a vibrant, friendly, and diverse neighborhood. It’s not surprising to see residents enjoying a morning coffee on their front porch while families drop their children off at school, walk their dogs, and head to work. With its 20 parks – 8 with off leash areas for dogs – New Westminster has a well-deserved reputation for being a family- oriented, dog-friendly city. The neighborhood is walk-able. Within a four block radius are the elementary school, high school, local grocery stores carrying fresh produce, and major bus routes. Royal City Center, with various shops, banking, and restaurants, is also located within a 15-minute walk.

In terms of commuting, the 123 south-bound bus travels down 8th Street and drops you off at the New Westminster SkyTrain station. Alternatively, from 8th Avenue the 101, 128, or 410 bus will take you to 22nd Street Station. From Moody Park, you can be in downtown Vancouver, Surrey, or Brentwood in under an hour. If you drive, the trip downtown will typically take 45 minutes in heavy traffic, or 30 minutes during non-peak times. If you prefer riding your bike, New West has dedicated bike routes which connect with routes in neighbouring municipalities, providing a reduced-traffic commute to downtown. You can expect the ride to take about an hour, however. As one cyclist observed, “With over 400’ of elevation gain, the bike ride home will take longer!” But with SkyTrain allowing bikes during non-peak times, the ride home can take as little as 30 minutes.

The Moody Park community draws its name from Moody Park itself. This iconic New Westminster landmark was founded in 1863 following New Westminster’s incorporation. The original commemorative plaque is still on-site near the restored clock and garden. New Westminster Parks and Recreation describes Moody Park as a “multidimensional park that accommodates sports (i.e. soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, basketball & lacrosse boxes) and popular leisure activities through our outdoor pool, playground and spray park.” Watch the video below for an overview of the park.

While the playground, spray park, pool, and youth center attract many of our younger residents, park benches, trails, plazas, open green space, trees, and flower beds provide plenty of space to escape the hustle of life in an urban center. Dog lovers will appreciate Moody Park’s fenced 2,430 square meter off-leash dog park that features trees and open green space. The homes of Moody Park are an eclectic mix of Victorian, Edwardian, Craftsman, and modern construction – a diverse neighbourhood of families old and new. The area is steeped in history, and, like most of New Westminster, Moody Park has a proud heritage. Historic records indicate most of the land assignments occurred in the early 1900s; many of these original hand built homes are still well cared for and in use today. The city actively works to protect these historic homes, through additional review during the building permit process and through revitalization agreements. The neighbourhood is one of the few areas in New Westminster and the Lower Mainland that features Single Detached Dwellings (NR1) zoning. NR1 zoning allows for a more progressive use of land and property, which makes it especially appealing to home owners who want a secondary legal suite. The zoning also has requirements for new construction to ensure it complements the look and feel of the heritage neighbourhood – ensuring your view will never be blocked by a high-rise! While the neighbourhood will remain low density, some changes are coming:

  • A new park is planned along the east side of the intersection of 8th Street and 10th
  • The high school is being replaced.
  • Along 8th Street, the city has proposed transitioning the zone to allow townhomes, and along 12th Street, reducing the amount of commercial zoning to allow more homes to be built.

The community plan is available for anyone who wants to review it. Whether you are single, a family, or planning a family, Moody Park’s community plan and flexible land use make the neighborhood an attractive place to live.

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