Spring Cleaning! We chatted with Opal Rain – a local mom and owner of “Cleaning Done Right” – to get some professional tips for all your spring cleaning needs.

The Linen Closet-To give your linen closet a fresh and organized feel, fold your bedding and tuck it into the matching pillowcase for each set. When you open the door, instead of seeing awkwardly folded sheets everywhere, you’ll have a more aesthetically pleasing and less cluttered system for bed sheet changes.

Tackling The Blinds-When tackling the blinds, buy a pair of fuzzy socks, dip them into your cleaner of choice, ring them out and then put them on your hands for efficient cleaning up and down the blinds.

Removing Sticky Label-Remove stubborn sticky labels without residue by using a blow dryer to heat up the area and then slowly peel it away.

Kitchen Garburator-For unpleasant smells in your kitchen’s garburator, toss in ice cubes and lemon for a natural way to freshen it up.

The Microwave-Food stuck to the inside of your microwave? Heat up a ½ a cup water until boiling and steamy for easily wiping away stubborn splatters.

Deep Cleaning-Scrubbing Bubbles is an excellent product for disinfecting, deep cleaning, and killing bacteria. Combining it with a magic eraser is an easy and effective way of eliminating soap scum from your bathroom.

Home Maintenance-In addition to cleaning, take time to do annual home maintenance. All those pesky tasks like cleaning the gutters, vents and windows are easier to do in the spring. If you procrastinate for too long, wait times get long and it’s difficult to have the work done when you need it. Nothing is worse than trying to have your ro˙ed patio repaired in the middle of July!

A clean, safe, and organized home is good for one’s peace of mind. It’s more relaxing to be in a space when you feel good about where you live. Once a˜l the dirty work is done, you can enjoy your newly organized space and sit back and relax. Or maybe you’˜l want to get outside and stroll down a street lined with some lovely spring cherry blossoms…

If life is just too hectic to get your own cleaning done, why not get some extra help and book Opal for a visit? Contact her at 778.870.1280 or on facebook: www.facebook.com/HouseCleaningDoneRight Both Elise and Opal are proud sponsors in the Tri Cities Mom’s Group.

Real Estate Market Update- According to Dan Morrison, President of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV), the real e˛ate market in early 2017 has experienced a lukewarm start to the year. Market uncertainty and unpredictable weather have contributed to slow sales, less attendance at open houses, and sluggish activity overall. Home owners are reluctant to list their properties due to uncertainty and as a result, sales and prices have been impacted.
˘e news is not a˜l doom and gloom, though. Statistics from the REBGV show that sales in February 2017 were down by 41.9% compared to February 2016. However, when looking at the ten-year average for February sales, we are currently only seeing 7.7% below the regional numbers over that period. ˘is indicates that we aren’t actually that far behind the norm and according to Morrison “limited supply and snowy weather were two factors hampering activity” in early 2017. So as we slowly creep forward into nicer weather and more favorable conditions, spring may be the key to the market warming up.
Despite the slowdown in home sales, there is still a limited supply of homes on the market available for buyers, so prices are not significantly dropping. In fact, prices for the condo and townhouse market are holding steady and listings are picking up as we move further into 2017. If you would like to learn more about current conditions, or just have some general questions about your home, Elise is always eager and ready to help!

Urban Mommas Soccer-Member of the Month-Carly Belina

Why did you join the Urban Momma’s soccer team and what do you like about being on the team? I joined the Urban Mommas soccer team because I knew I needed to get back to doing what I love and to start doing something just for me. It is so amazing to have time scheduled to get active and socialize with other moms a couple times a week.

How long have you played soccer, what is your history of playing the sport and what do you like about it? I started playing soccer when I was 12. My mom made me try it. She said if I go three times and I hate it I don’t have to play again… I played from then until I was 30 and had my first baby. I played on my hometown rep team (Terrace B.C.), my high school team, and league teams. Then I moved to Vancouver and played on a Division 1 women’s team in my 20’s. It was a seven year break while having my two boys. I didn’t think I could get back into it but now I am on the Urban Mommas team and I am slowly getting back into soccer shape! I love the competition, the fitness, and being part of a team.

How do you balance being a mom and making time for yourself? I had a really hard time balancing mom life with anything else for years. I feel I put all of myself into being a mother. I don’t think I even realized it until I started playing soccer again and saw how good it feels to get out and do something for me. Now I go to yoga classes and soccer and I am a better mom because of it. I also run a home photography business (Carly Belina Photography) which can also take all my extra time so I am learning as I go that I need to schedule in me time and stick to it. It also sets a great example for my boys to see their parents being active and doing what they love. When my boys come watch a game it feels really great when they are so excited that their mom is actually a real soccer player!

Would you recommend soccer to someone who has never played before and is looking to try something new? I would definitely recommend soccer for someone who is looking for a team sport. You just need to find a team that works for you. Our team is all moms who are on the same page about understanding family comes first and that we are all there for fun and fitness. It pushes you physically and mentally. It is a great way to get out frustrations and energize yourself. We have women who have played for over 20 years and some who are playing for the first time.
To learn more about Carly and her photographer business visit her website www.carlybelinaphotography.com

Featured Client Testimonials

“Elise Weatherby is a pleasure to work with, which is why we have chosen her as our realtor multiple times. Elise will care about your needs, be your advocate, ask the delicate questions, all the while remaining respectful of all the parties concerned. Having dealt with many other realtors, we can attest that Elise is a rare find who is in your corner to make your real estate dreams come true.”
Jeannie Buchanan Breit

“Elise is a very knowledgeable, thoughtful, and efficient realtor, and she is always a pleasure and stress free to work. With questions or concerns, Elise is always available via email or phone and follows with issues immediately. My wife and I have full confidence in Elise and would definitely recommend her without hesitation!”
Adrian Law and Ruby Mak

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