Go to any new development in the Vancouver area and you will hear the word “flex” space. As our cities densify, repurposing space is more common to get the most out of every square foot. More and more “eating nooks” are making way for home offices and formal “dining rooms” are converted to “kids’ play spaces”.

Something that comes up for so many young families is the need for a third bedroom. I don’t think any real estate economist could have forecast just how quickly prices would grow in the Lower Mainland where five or ten years ago young families would move out of their 2 bedroom condo/apartment and into a detached 3 or 4 bedroom house (with a mortgage helper suite!). That’s just not as common these days.

Municipalities have been left scrambling with the increased demand for that “between” step from 2 bedroom to 3 bedroom homes. Many areas are now responding by adding more low density multifamily town home style zones, but the lead time to deliver on those new builds is still years out.

Demand for home ownership is still high in the Vancouver area. People are looking for alternatives, and that just might come in the form of poorly planned 1990’s construction.

The 1990s were famous for angular walls, formal roomed spaces, reading nooks with glass block walls, and just overall poorly planned but larger square footage condos. I doubt any architect of the 1990’s could have fathomed the space crunch of the current era with all that bad design.

So here is your chance to revive some 1990’s space! 1121 sq ft of space, to be exact, at 201-2339 Shaughnessy Street. In its current use as a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, the size is impressive. Now use some clever rejigging and you have a 3 bedroom + home office!

Let’s start with the creation of the 3rd bedroom.

The formal dining room is a duplicate eating space. There is enough space in the kitchen eating area for a table and, realistically, very few modern families sit down at the dinner table anymore anyway. The formal dining room becomes the new living room measuring out at 11’0” x 11’7”. It’s not only bigger than most new builds living rooms, it’s the same size as the living room in my own 1912 detached craftsman home! Hook the TV up to the wall, get a sectional “L” shaped couch, and you’re done. Now that the living room has been displaced, add a door to the already existing entry way to the former living room and voilà! A gorgeous 13’3” x 13’8” third bedroom.

Let’s add the home office.

In the master bedroom, opposite the ensuite bathroom, there is what was originally intended as a hallway to the second entrance to the second balcony. All you need to do is add a desk and presto! Your home office with tons of natural light. It might be a bit tight getting out on to the balcony from there but you can always go around to the other door.
There are so many options here for creative re-use of space!

Or you could just enjoy this oversized condo home as it is. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a large formal dining area for hosting parties or a cozy formal living area!

Come see it for yourself and decide. The grand opening weekend is January 21 and 22, at 2-4pm!


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