With the extreme real estate market conditions lately, many home sellers are choosing to buy their next home before placing their current home on the market.

All areas of the lower main are experiencing a market heavily slanted in favor of sellers right now; multiple offers are the norm, buyers are often clamoring for their chance to purchase any home that hits the market and a question that comes up more and more for sellers is what happens if I sell then an unable to find anything to buy. It’s a legitimate worry.

The fact of the matter is there are no guarantees, even in this busy market with most areas seeing an average listing days on market of one week or less nobody can guarantee your home sale until all the paperwork is signed sealed and delivered.

Is it a sound calculated risk to buy before listings? Maybe, that will ultimately depend on how confident you are in the market or if it comes down to it do you have the financial ability to carry both properties.

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