How you live in a home is not how you sell a home they are two vastly different objectives. Here are a few often over looked staging practices that will give your home the professional edge over the competition to win over buyers.

10)make sure all your toilet seats are down in the photos and at showings: I know this is an ongoing debate amongst human beings but please for the purpose of selling your home the definitive answer is keep the seat down.

9)Turn on all the lights before a showing. Yes ALL the lights and replace all the bulbs with brighter ones, it’s going to look blindingly bright to you and that is okay it’s going to look well-lit to the buyers.

8)take everything off your fridge: the fridge is the hub of the home pinned with years of memorabilia the trouble is the buyers want to see the house as theirs give them room to visualize their stuff crammed all over the fridge let them start moving their stuff in mentally at the showings.

7)have all door to rooms open: Make it easy for buyers to migrate through your space leave all the doors open. Some buyers might miss an entire room because they don’t want to open a door in “someone else’s” house you want buyers to start thinking its their house make them subconsciously feel comfortable by opening all the doors.

6)Dust everything even if it’s not included. Home Buyers are terribly curious, they will nose around looking for evidence off what kind of person a seller is, you don’t want them to wonder if cobwebs in the corners are a sign of neglect in other more substantial areas.

5)don’t cook fish before a showing; I don’t think I could think of a bigger offence than cooking fish before a showings? This is possibly the single biggest smell turn off to buyers is coming in to a house that smells like old fish dinner.

4)air out your house before a showing: the internet has replaced the first showing so by the time a buyer comes in person to see your home its of utmost importance to make a good saleable impression. weather permitting open all the windows turn on all the fans bathroom and kitchen or booster fans and get all the fresh air moving and get rid of any stale smells.

3)don’t use heavy scents; overly strong air fresheners make buyers leary that there is a smell worth covering up. the west coast if famous for its wet climate, mold and mildew, If you want your home to smell nice try microwaing a small bowl of vanilla or citrus zest and defiantly follow the “air out guideline”.

2)wash the outside and inside of your windows especially if you have a great view; buyers want to see a home with all the blinds up so they know what they will be looking at out those soon to be theirs windows. You might even be surprised at how much more sun light comes in.

1)share on your personal social media sites. There are many social niches that strictly prohibit sales people from sharing but do allow members to share. They don’t want a bunch of spamy sales people polluting their niche and we respect that but an average individual can share in groups or circles where no sales person has access, statistically you most likely will not be “friends” with the buyer directly but this will increase traffic and personal shares add validity to the sales offering.

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